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Can you learn how to think more positive?  Use this simple strategy to train your

mind to see the positive in everything.

Think Positive

If you keep obsessing over negative things your mind will be automatically conditioned to bring it up more and more often without your control.

You need to have that same skill set and same rule to apply positive thoughts into our own lives.

If we can give positive thinking, positive questions, positive approaches to life and put a lot of focus and duration on those over a period of time, they will get sealed in our brain.

When you create this skill set and do this often, you will just automatically think about the best possible outcome on almost everything you do. 

The first thing you have to do in order to improve your mind is to take total control of your attention, analyze and notice where your thoughts are. Are your thoughts supporting you? Or are they automatically bringing up negative and defense ways that aren’t advancing your life? So to be aware and conscious of what’s going on in your mind, JUST START PAYING ATTENTION!

Here’s what you do….

 When you are idol or have downtime like waiting in traffic try to think and ask yourself what are your thoughts? Notice what you’ve been thinking about. The more you notice what you’ve been thinking about, the more you can interrupt what you’ve been thinking about. If it was negative or thoughts that aren’t for your good, just immediately replace those thoughts with positive ones and repeat it to yourself. That is basically re-directing and that is where personal power comes from!


# 1 ATTENTIVE AWARENESS : understanding and being conscious of what’s going on.

 # 2 REDIRECT : having the ability to be self-directed and choose what we want to focus on.


So remember to redirect those unwanted negative thoughts that aren’t supporting you, redirect by asking what would be the opposite of this negative thing. And focus on that and you repeat it to yourself.

Once you’re feeling confident that you can spot and challenge negative thoughts, you’re ready to make better choices which can allow better outcomes.


So today I challenge you to redirect those negative thoughts into positive ones. Use the power of questions. Ask yourself questions which draw your focus to positive thoughts.  Replacing unhealthy thinking patterns will help you to grow.

 If you need more discipline add daily reminders or set alarms on your phone to remind you to be aware of your thoughts throughout the day. This will help condition your mind. Repetition to a positive alternative is what gives us personal power. So take your power back and go be great!


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 So, are you going to start challenging your thoughts? Comment below and share

where you are in your positive journey.






Sharing is Caring!