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Secret ways to save on home insurance


Looking for ways to save some money on home insurance? Of course you are! There are many ways to save on your home insurance rates. But most homeowner carriers don’t just give insurance discounts freely. It’s up to Homeowners to take the initiative to ask questions. So start saving big by reading a few secret ways to save on homeowners insurance that can help reduce your monthly premium that insurance carriers don’t tell us about.



INSTALLED SECURITY FEATURES. Some insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners insurance to their customers who take steps to protect their Home against losses and have a monitored security service.


WATER HEATER. Modernizing and installing a newer tankless hot water heater, which reduces the risk of a leaking water heater due to a corroded tank can be a way to receive a premium discount.




Most insurance companies that sell home insurance also sells auto. Many companies will reduce your premium by 10 percent to 15 percent if you buy two or more insurance policies from them. But make certain the total cost of buying the policies from one insurance company is less than buying the policies separately from different companies.




Asking an agent for any discounts available is always a great idea. At some companies your rates could be lowered for having a certain job, not filing a claim in a certain amount of years, done a renovation that includes new or significantly updated plumbing or electrical systems, getting a new roof or being a senior citizen. So don’t continue missing out on some great savings. Call your insurance company to see if they offer any of these discounts and if so what is required in order to qualify.


Sometimes discounts can be easy to find and other times discount opportunities require some digging. So I hope a few of these discounts I discovered will help give you a head start.

                 *You don’t know what you can save unless you ask for it. So ask for discounts you deserve*


Have you found other ways to save on Homeowners Insurance? Share in the comments below.

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