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For as long I can remember I have always made it a habit to create new goals, or tweak any current goals each year. Setting goals each year helps me focus on growing more as a person and to help me closer align with my bigger life goals. 

Over the last year I have been more intentional with my spiritual growth by: staying consistent with studying God’s Word, praying and fasting, seeking Him more and inviting Him into more areas of my life. So the goals I have set for 2021 are special to my heart and my growth. And I am ready to hear clearly from God and to walk in His will.

Goal #1 Make daily prayer a habit

I have actually been consistent with my daily prayer more than half of 2020 but I would like to make it a daily habit for the whole year of 2021 and take the steps to deepen my prayer life and my connection with my heavenly Father. I desire a closer relationship with God just as He wants a closer relationship with me. And I know that prayer is the key. 

When we keep praying to God in faith without getting discouraged, we receive answers from God. Read how I take the steps to deepen my prayer life with praying effectively here.

Goal #2 Give back

I have such a giving spirit and it makes me feel really good when I give back. Whether that’s helping a friend in need, volunteering with community programs, donating my clothes or home items, or giving a waitress a huge tip. I make an effort to always give to others. I feel that is a way to give back to God from the many blessings I have received. When one blesses others, one will be blessed. And this year I want to be able to give more.

I’ve noticed over the years of giving, I’ve been setting great examples in my daughters. They too enjoy giving back.  They are filled with so much love and compassion for others.

Goal #3 Read 3 inspirational books

I’ve been slacking on my reading skills for some time. But honestly I’ve never been much of a reader but when I do read I feel so inspired and meantally wiser. Not sure if that even makes any sense but I feel a lot better when reading something I enjoy. 

So for 2021 I want to challenge myself to read at least 3 inspiring books to help my personal growth and shift my focus to bigger and better perspectives.

Goal #4 Read all of the New Testament

I would really like to read the whole Bible in a year but I thought that might be too big of a goal to obtain. So I would like to focus more on reading all of the New Testament and digesting that first because I would really like to take my time and try to study and retain instead of just reading just to read it and check it off the list. 

I was thinking of doing a Youversion bible plan to help guide me and stay on track for this goal. They have several New Testament in a year or 90 day plans to choose from, so check it out if this is one of your goals to tackle. 

To take this goal a little deeper, I am currently purchasing the “Battlemind of the Mind New Testament Commentary” by Joyce Meyer to better understand and breakdown parts of the New Testament. I love how Joyce breaks down the word and offers encouraging points in her devotionals. It definitely makes it easier for me to comprehend so I can better apply things to my life.

Goal #5 Write in a gratitude journal

I have a designated journal for my daily entries to document what I am grateful for each day. I think expressing gratitude glorifies God, and helps us see God which brings greater happiness.  At the end of the year and looking back over my entries it will help me to love God so much more.

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Goal #6 Bible study with kids more often

Ok this goal is a challenging one for me. I have not been consistent with bible study and reading the word with my daughters. I will be so committed for months at a time but then I will lose my momentum. I should treat my same dedication for my bible study time and apply it the same with my kids. 

It’s important I help my children know who God is, and grow more in His word to apply it to their everyday lives. I believe learning while they are young is crucial because they will grow up having a relationship with God but also be supplied with the tools to be the best version of themselves and defeat any challenges that may come their way. 

So here are a few ways I want to stay on top of this goal: 

  • to look up bible reading plans we can read together within the Youversion app to keep one another accountable.
  • Print off kid/teen studies that will make it more fun for them to understand 
  • Invite the kids to watch online church service with me

Goal #7 Join a online bible study group with my church

Since COVID-19 and the quarantine lifestyle that started, I find it more challenging to be connected with my church and it’s activities. So I would like to buckle down and really jump into online bible study groups, (in which my church calls them e-groups) to build a greater relationship with my church family and peers and to have another opportunity to worship and grow more in His word. 

So have you set any spiritual goals for the year? If so, tell me down below.

Sharing is Caring!