Hi! I’m Dawn.

Welcome  to my blog! I’m glad you’re here. 

My Mission is to inspire you to stay on top of your money, save your money, ditch debt, all while staying uplifted and motivated. We can do this together!

About Dawn

So, here’s the thing –

I strive every day at trying to be the best ME that I can be. I embrace the person that I have become and I truly believe in making people feel good about themselves and being a resource to those around me.

I want to make a difference in my own way and to bring people together to connect that share the same interests.

So if you are constantly striving for personal growth, then you’ll feel right at home here!!!!!

A Few Fun Facts

I love to budget

I organize my life with planners

I see good in everything

I do not know how to swim…YIKES!!!

My Favorite color is PURPLE

Silly person at heart but some say I’m corny at times but hey, THAT’S ME!!

My Story

 I grew up with a mom that was very organized, she knew how to budget her money well and lived frugally while raising my sister and I. Not only that but she was and still is very spiritual and an awesome motivator. So I can not only say I have an amazing mom but she set the path for me to be amazing as well with setting great life principles.

So growing up…

…I loved budgeting and learning more about what my money can do for me. I’ve always looked for ways to save a dollar and always trying to find ways to earn more money.

…Things changed

When life happened as a young adult, I started to have children, got a school degree (changed my major several times which took me longer to finish), and bought a house. And BAM I found myself in debt, like many other people. Can you relate?

Now I am on a mission…

 …to get control back over my finances while allowing life to still happen.  While I haven’t stopped managing my money throughout the years, I found myself going from paycheck to paycheck while still staying afloat but not getting rid of all my debts. This blog is not only to share my journey with you but to also share with you the many tips and resources I have used over the years that helped me stay on my grind to not only stay on top of my money but to also grow.  And lastly, I want to ditch the rest of my debt. 

Sharing is caring right! 

I am truly passionate about

* living life within my means,

* getting out of debt while still living my best life

* being content of life challenges and knowing it won’t be easy.

* helping others by sharing

What you can expect

My goal is to inspire, share my life lessons from my successes and failures, help to manage and prioritize money, challenge people to be their best and to help you grow as a person. So what better way to turn my spark of passion into a flame by giving you a DOSE OF DAWN!!! 

What Now, Dawn?

Glad you asked, check out the different areas my blog has to offer below.

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