Hi! I’m Dawn. Welcome to my page.

So, here’s the thing –

I strive every day at trying to be the best ME that I can be. I embrace the person that I have become and I truly believe in making people feel good about themselves and being a resource to those around me.

I want to make a difference in my own way and to bring people together to connect that share the same interests.

So if you are constantly striving for personal growth, then you’ll feel right at home here!!!!!

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: My goal is to inspire, share my life lessons from my successes and failures, help to manage and prioritize money, challenge people to be their best and to help you grow as a person. So what better way to turn my spark of passion into a flame by giving you a DOZE OF DAWN!!!


I love to budget

I organize my life with planners

I see good in everything

I do not know how to swim…YIKES!!!

My Favorite color is PURPLE

Silly person at heart but some say I’m corny at times but hey, THAT’S ME!!

About the Blog: I started this blog because it has been a dream of mine for years to start one and share with others how I conquer this thing called LIFE!!! I am definitely not perfect but I can say that I make great efforts at trying to achieve my goals in life. A lot of my friends and family say that I am good at dealing with money, planning, (whether it’s an event or organizing areas in my life), and that I just have a great spirit and heart!! And that I should share my talents with the world. So here you have it. A DOZE OF DAWN!!

There really is no better way to enjoy my passion for making a difference, than through this blog. And what makes this blog even better? Why hearing from you of course! So feel free to drop me a line at Adoseofdawn2@gmail.com , or leave a comment on the blog.

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