5 ways to make money by side hustling.

Everyone could use a little extra side money every now and then. There are plenty of ways you can pick up some extra money without having to pick up a second part time job. Here are a few ways I have made some extra cash over the years that I have enjoyed and would love to share with you.




Want to share your opinions and get paid for it? Consider being part of a focus group.


A scheduler will call and ask you a few screening questions, such as whether you’ve used a particular product or service, how frequently, etc.


If selected, you’ll be scheduled to go to a group session. Focus groups typically have 3 to 12 people and last an hour or two. Often, there’s a snack or small meal, plus a check or cash when you leave.


Focus group rules often stipulate that participants can be part of only a few groups annually, so this won’t be a regular source of income. But pay is often in the $75-to-$200 range.

Look up market research companies in your area to sign up for participation. Here are a few companies that I like to participate in my area.

20/20 Research

AOC Research

L&E Research

Accelerant Research









How would you like to clear some space in a closet, attic or basement and make a little money at the same time? I normally like to go through items during seasonal times of the year. Such as when I do my spring cleaning and fall cleaning.

Research stores in your area that you can sell your clothing items to exchange for money. Stores in my area are:

*Platos Closet* – get cash for gently used clothes for teen and young adult style clothing.

*Uptown Cheapskate*- bring in your gently used clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, and snag amazing deals on the brands you love.

*Clothes Mentor* – a women’s resale store for all women sizes 0-26, petites and maternity. All day, every day in our they pay you CASH on-the-spot.

*Once Upon A Child* – buys and sells gently used kids’ clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear offering you the opportunity to recycle your children’s items




This is a killer side hustle that allows you flexibility, good pay and fun times. Brand ambassadors are usually hired to work at large events, music festivals, trade shows, sports games and pretty much anywhere there are lots of people and excitement. You can expect to make around $15-$50/HR for doing things like giving out free samples and swag, having people test products, setting up and breaking down events, interacting with consumers face to face and increasing brand awareness by wearing branded gear.

You don’t work directly for the companies whose products you represent; they contract with event-staffing businesses, and these companies hire you. These part-time gigs typically come and go. When you sign up as a brand ambassador you fill out a profile and the company calls you for assignments in your area.

The way it works:

  • Once you start working one event, that agency will notify you when there is more work in your area.
  • Sign up with multiple agencies. The more agencies, the more emails and offers!
  • If you get an email about work, if you are available, apply. If not, it’s fine! I love that it’s so flexible.
  • Just because you apply doesn’t mean you will get it. I recommend applying for gigs as soon as you get the emails. Work goes fast!
  • You are not booked for an event until you get a confirmation email.

           Who’s Hiring?

Here are some of the companies looking for brand ambassadors. The links are mostly to the companies’ Facebook pages, so you can see what kind of work they do. Find the links to apply for a job by clicking the “About” tab on each page.



Shopalong is a mobile community where you can earn money while completing fun and rewarding tasks while you shop. You typically can earn anywhere from $5-$50 per assignment. Here’s there website to sign up.

Once you’ve signed up with them, you will receive an email with an invitation to an assignment as soon as they have one available for you.  When you get this email, just click the link to see if you qualify!



It can be hit or miss with Survey sites because there are legit ones and then there are not so legit ones that are scams.  I have made a list of a few sites that I enjoy the most that offer a wide variety of ways to earn rewards such as PayPal incentives, accumulating points for gift cards, receive samples or even company products for review.

Here are a few that I grew to love:

Pinecone Research


Inspired Opinions

Focus Foward

Comment below and let me know ways you side hustle to make extra money. I would love to hear from you.

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