Sharing is Caring!

Life can be stressful and demanding a lot of times and it’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important. Here are 5 ways to de-stress  and ground yourself during stressful times.

1. Self Care

Always remember to block out me time. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Whenever feeling overwhelmed, dis-organized or discouraged or disconnected. First thing to do is tidy up and clean. It works! As you’re doing mindless tasks, light cleaning puts your mind on autopilot. You find yourself reflecting on the past week thinking about things you might have been putting off and working through things you’ve been struggling with. This time to yourself helps clear your mind. Immediately you feel lighter and more centered and focused.  Too often we let the stresses of everyday life consume us.

Pampering yourself and enjoying some “me time” are great ways to relax and distress. Self pampering is essential for your mental health and happiness. Get a massage, soak in a warm bath, buy yourself a treat, enjoy a hobby or plan a getaway trip. Try one of these or try your own way to pamper yourself. You owe it to yourself! You deserve it!


2. Brain dumping or Journaling

A brain dump is a great way to declutter your mind and spill out all the nagging thoughts in your head by journaling or making a to-do list. Dumping your brain at least once a week, helps you relieve anxiety and stress.Blank Journal


So here’s how you do it:


Get a journal or piece of paper and start writing down everything on your mind. Each and every thought. Things that have been bothering you. Errands you need to run. Phone calls to make. Anything that you need to do that you need a reminder for later. Things you’ve been putting off or that’s been stressing you out. Write it down. After you finish your brain dump, organize them and create a plan to prioritize them. This should allow you to feel more focused and in control.  And the next time you start to feel yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed with too much brain activity, grab a journal or piece of paper to empty your brain and make room for new ideas and thoughts.


3. Meditate

Meditation can be a great way to relax, especially if you are under a lot of stress. Meditation is a way to train the mind. Most of the time, our minds are wondering – we’re thinking about the future, dwelling on the pass, worrying, fantasizing or daydreaming. Meditation brings us back to the present moment and gives us the tools we need to be less stressed, calmer and kinder to ourselves and others. It allows us to step out of distracted thought, and helps us arrive in the present moment in a balanced and clear way.

Meditation is pretty simple to do: just find a comfortable place, close your eyes, relax your muscles, and focus on one thing. The key is staying focus and not letting any distractions into your mind. The goal isn’t to stop thinking, or to empty the mind. Rather, the point is to pay close attention to your physical sensations, thoughts and emotions in order to see them more clearly. It’s a practice that reduces stress, a way to get yourself stronger mentally, and a self-care practice.


4. Be Kind To Yourself

 It is important to not only be kind to others, but yourself as well. Sometimes we can be our toughest critic, and the voices inside our heads reminds us that we’re not good enough. Or sometimes we might feel inadequate or have a bad day. Instead of judging ourselves for being weak and criticizing our shortcomings, we should change our self-talk and accept ourselves for who we are. Self-kindness is about being gentle with oneself. You know that you aren’t perfect and you must allow yourself to make mistakes without being angry at yourself. Love yourself unconditionally and be less critical on yourself. Be a good friend to yourself.


5. Smile More

How can something as simple as a smile be responsible for changing your state and changing your outlook. Practicing smiling on purpose can help you reduce stress. When we put on a smile, our mood will often follow, reducing feelings of stress. So the next time stress comes after you, pick one of these stress management tools, take a deep breath, and smile away!


**Keep In Mind** Being “too busy” is not a good enough excuse to not
take better care of yourself. The trade off of being constantly
stressed and overwhelmed is just not worth it. Make more time for me-dates.

Sharing is Caring!