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I have come to realize that a good Bible app is crucial to have in my Bible study routine and spiritual journey. Bible apps are awesome tools and resources to help me seek God every day. Below I will share 4 incredible bible apps that I have found to be beneficial and may help you along your journey as well.

YouVersion Bible App

This is probably my #1 go to Bible app. With the YouVersion Bible App it makes it easy to stay centered on God and His Word. This app gives you so many tools to seek God’s heart daily: including listen to audio Bibles, study with friends, explore thousands of Reading Plans and Devotionals that lead you through specific topics, portions of the Bible, or the entire Bible in a year (all available in 65+ languages). You’re also able to add/create your own prayers, verse images, highlights, bookmarks, and you can even earn badges for reaching certain milestones.

Check out this app HERE and enjoy this Bible experience that is loved by millions of people.

Bible Gateway App

This app is a great tool for reading and researching scripture. It is super easy to adjust your reading translation or font size to make your experience much more personalized to your liking. 

While reading the Bible, you can find plenty of features including highlighting a verse, note-taking, adding a verse to your favorites, and being able to share with others. 

So this app is a great way to connect with Scripture, whether you’re at home, at church, or on the go.


Check out this app HERE and enjoy the resources this Bible app offers! 

Messages from God’s Heart (formerly Daughters of the King)

Update as of December 17th, 2020 the founder of this app changed the name from “Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals” to “Messages from God’s Heart.”

I stumbled across this app years ago and I’ve fallen in love with it ever since. This Daily Devotional app is driven to reach people of all ages, race and backgrounds. It is to inspire people throughout the world, to pray for revival, and to encourage unity among us. 

Everyday there is a new devotional, a new prayer or a new message from God’s Heart for you. I would strongly encourage you to check it out. I love to lift my spirits or brighten my day by just reading an encouraging message from this app.


Check out this app HERE and be encouraged with this daily devotional app!

Daily Devotion

This is a fairly new app for me, as I recently discovered it. This is a daily devotional app for Women with a mission to spread the word of God all over the world. So far it seems to be very similar to some of the other apps I’ve already shared. But it definitely has some features that the others don’t have. 

In this app you will find personalized daily Bible verses, uplifting daily devotions, Bible study & reading plans where you’re able to set daily reminders for bible studies and daily messages. This app goes a step further and provides Bible Time & Sleep Meditation, with calm Christian audio sounds. This is perfect if you are the person that likes relaxing, calm tunes while you study and rest.

daily devotion

Check out this app HERE be sure to notice there is a free version & a paid subscription version.

I hope you found these apps benefical and that this information blesses you. Have a great day!

Sharing is Caring!