Stop procrastinating and get more done with effective time management.

In case you’re always putting off important tasks and wondering how to be more productive and get things done.


Here is a guide of 22 ways to help you stop putting things off that are important.






  1. Change your environment
  2. Break your task into small pieces
  3. Start with the hardest thing
  4. Reward yourself
  5. Hang out with inspiring people more often
  6. Start with your favorite task
  7. Track your progress
  8. Reduce distractions
  9. Identify the pushback
  10. Be realistic about time per task
  11. Ask for help
  12. Visualize the benefits
  13. Don’t multitask; single task
  14. Get organized
  15. Set achievable goals
  16. Set a deadline
  17. Create a timeline/schedule
  18. Focus on your “why”
  19. Drop the perfectionism
  20. Schedule instead of making a to do list
  21. Hold yourself accountable
  22. Don’t take on too much


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I hope this guide will inspire and help you be the best you. Comment below and let me know if there are others ways that have helped you overcome procrastination. I would love to hear. So let’s make this happen together!

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